Battle League

What is it?

Battle League is a competition between ambitious and creative UT Dallas engineers to see which three teams will reign supreme. A total of 20 teams each with a max of 5 members on each team will participate in this thrilling robot battle to the death. The contestants will duel in a caged net to ensure the safety of those watching and participate, only two teams will be entering the battle arena at a time.

To win the cash prize or microcontroller kit the robot must be the top three robots to survive in the end.

There is a $10 registration fee per team payable via Venmo or cash. At least one member must go to SPN to sign up for Battle League or go to the Wednesday, March 22nd workshop to sign up and pick up a kit (If needed).

You must have already paid the entrance fee and signed up to be one of the competitors in this tournament.

Below is the registration form to sign up. ONLY 1 MEMBER on the team needs to sign up. All members do not need to sign up just ONE.

Workshops Available

Wed. March 22nd (Let’s Get Started Kits)
Battle League Workshop 1

Wed. March 29th (Tricking out your battle bot)
Battle League Workshop 2

Wed. April 5th (Last Minute Adjustments)
Battle League Workshop 3

Workshops are not mandatory but highly recommended to do well since the robots will be made from scratch.

Robot Restrictions

  1. Robot must be under 2.5lbs
  2. Weapons may not come off from the main body of the robot. Meaning no projectiles or liquids.

When is Battle League?

Battle League will be hosted at the Maker Fair on April 14th at 4pm. We will meet up at SPN.

Code of Conduct:

  1. Tampering with other competitors robots will NOT be tolerated.

  2. Bad manners will not be tolerated.

  3. Not Allowed to BUY a bot to participate you must have built it from scratch.

  4. DO NOT endanger the people around you.

  5. Robots may not be turned on outside the practice cage or battle arena to ensure the safety of those around.

  6. Do not enter the battle arena till given permission to.

  7. Once the MC has declared the battle over you must stop trying to annihilate each other.

Tournament Information

We will be using a typical 20 team elimination bracket to determine the top two winners then we will have the losers of the 2nd to last compete to determine our third place winner.

The cage will be 8ft by 8ft by 8ft with a wood flooring. Each round will last three minutes.

Contact Information

Sabrina Banh

SPN is located to the right of the Northside apartments

3000 Waterview Pkwy, Richardson Tx, 75080