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Hacks for Humanity

"Love is in the air"

36-hour competitive hackathon for the social good.
Coming up : Oct 7 - 8, 2017 (Saturday -Sunday)

Hacks for Humanity, sponsored by Makerspace at University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) in partnership with Project Humanities at Arizona State University (ASU), is a 36-hour competitive hackathon for the social good.

We challenge participants to create technological solutions and initiatives to address local and global issues by implementing the seven Humanity 101 principles: kindness, compassion, integrity, respect, empathy, forgiveness, and self-reflection.

Who can participate?

Now just who exactly can and should participate in Hacks for Humanity? Everyone! You don't have to be a coder to change the world. All you need is a good idea and the desire to make that idea a reality. We invite coders, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, writers, and anyone else who wants to help create something for the social good.

This annual event at ASU draws some 150-200 students, faculty, staff and community members, each with their individual talents and backgrounds of expertise.

Humanity 101 Principles

Here are some questions that can help get you thinking about the Humanity 101 principles and generate ideas for your project.

KINDNESS: CHOOSING TO HELP OTHERS. What can we build to promote and encourage random or intentional acts of kindness?

COMPASSION: CHOOSING TO CARE ABOUT OTHERS. Can we see the world and others differently? What can we build to address the issues affecting humanity?

INTEGRITY: CHOOSING TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT, NO MATTER WHAT. How can we build a platform, community or initiative that maintains integrity? Data privacy?

RESPECT: CHOOSING TO ACKNOWLEDGE OTHERS BEYOND THEIR PERSPECTIVES AND ACTIONS. How can we learn to work with and/or engage and help others?

EMPATHY: CHOOSING TO THINK FROM ANOTHER’S PERSPECTIVE. How can we reconnect with humanity and empathize with the challenges facing others?

FORGIVENESS: CHOOSING TO LET GO AND EMBRACE A NEW BEGINNING. What can be created that will allow us to practice and demonstrate forgiveness culturally and personally?

SELF REFLECTION: CHOOSING TO CONTINUOUSLY EXAMINE YOURSELF AND CONSIDER POSSIBILITIES OF CHANGE. Can we explore technology that allows us to dig deeper into ourselves and therefore create personal change?