Maker Fair

This event is published by UTDesign Makerspace, a registered student organization. This event is not an official publication of UT Dallas and does not represent the views of the university or its officers. The University of Texas at Dallas is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action University. Students with disabilities needing special assistance to attend please call 972-883-2946. Texas Relay Operation: 1-800-RELAYTX.

The Maker Fair is the first annual collegiate carnival hosted at UT Dallas. Students from the university are encouraged to come and learn about new technologies and tools, showcase their work, and enjoy music, battling robots, and more.

The event will identify numerous areas where Engineering and the Arts meet, as well as showcase various projects by students, organizations, departments, and research groups.

You can download the event flyer here

The Maker Fair includes:



We will have 30 booths open to student groups and companies to interact with the UT Dallas community. The fair will also host our Battle League tournament (4-6pm) and Music Festival (6-8pm). This is an opportunity for people to fundraise and recruit new members

Battle League

This year's Maker Fair will feature a Battle Bot style competition. You can find more information about it over at the Battle League page

Show N’ Tell

10am to 4pm

We will have 20 tables for student groups and organizations to showcase their projects and products. From Robotic clubs to our very own UTDesign teams, almost all facets of the school will be represented.


We will have a series of speakers sharing their knowledge from many fields including semiconductor industry, Venture Capital, and building the Maker Culture.

11am - Senior Capstone - UTDesign Director

Ever wondered what it takes to build your senior capstone project? You'll be able to get any and all of your questions answered from the man himself, Mr. Rod Wetterskog. This will definitely help you better prepare for your (did I mention all engineer majors have to take this?) senior design project!

12pm - Maker Culture - Dallas Makerspace

Adam Oas from Dallas Makerspace will come by to share his story about running the place. He's head of PR and ready to tell you everything you need to know to get started using the machines or attending any DMS workshops!

1pm - Blockchain - Caudicum

Caudicum Craig Hall is the CEO of a local "Distributed Ledger Technology" startup. Why is it a "block" and a "chain". Come by and get all your bitcoin/altcoin questions answered as well as ideas on how to get a (hypothetical) ticket for the Blockchain hype-train!

2pm - Hackathons - DreamBig

Ever wondered what it takes to create an educational system for Mars? Using a novel thought exercise Rashmi Varma, Executive Director of the Dreambig Foundation, ventures to talk about how to bring innovation to the classroom. Rashmia serialentrepreneur having founded many successful companies includes iCode Inc, United Softech, and her latest venture Tagait, a lifestyle rental platform. She's a visiting professor at SMU and has received a "Top Women in Technology" award by the Dallas Business Journal.

3pm - Internships - State Farm

It is no accident that SPN faces Synergy Park Blvd and State Farm knows it (get it... cause there's a lot of Synergy). Are you looking for internships, job opportunities or just want to learn more about what State Farm does to stay ahead of the curve? They will be bringing free swag and insider information, so you can better prepare your resume for the type of innovation required to stay relevant in the job market.

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