Getting Started with TI Microcontroller LaunchPad, Sidekick and Energia Hands-On Workshop

Join us for a 2 hour workshop 7-9 PM, Tuesday 2/7/2017 in SPN Bldg: Room 2.222

Seats are limited – click here to register today!
Get the ease of Arduino style programming with the low power and performance of the new MSP432 LaunchPad evaluation kit.

In this workshop, students and instructors will enjoy using easy to follow Energia software examples. You’ll go from lighting LED’s to moving motors while we will build several breadboard projects with a variety of sensors, discrete and analog components from SEEED Studio’s SideKick Kit.

Each participant will need to arrive with their own laptop preloaded with the Energia software.

Please go to and carefully follow the instructions according to your OS, including comments about the board drivers.

Participants need to register for a free my.ti account at